Have your say at the Council meetings next week (Mon 17th & Thur 20th May)

There are two meetings with Rushden council next week about the development.
1. There is an online  zoom meeting for local residents with Rushden council on Monday 17th at 7pm.

This is to hear our concerns, they can not comment.

2. The application planning meeting is on Thursday 20th at 7.30 at Rushden Hall (Hall Park).

This meeting is only about this development. Councils can not hold zoom meetings after Monday. Members of the public can attend. Places will be limited by the limited space in the Hall, but if many if people want to come then they will have to find somewhere bigger. Do let me know on here if you have asked to come, as we do not want people to lose their democratic rights because of ‘lack of space’. Masks and social distancing will apply. The council say that there will be representation by councillors for residents.
To come to either or both, email clerk@rushdentowncouncil.gov.uk
Or phone Vivienne (town clerk) at: 01933 316216