More time to make even more objections !

The latest date for the NNC to receive your  objections has  been extended to 8th June 2021, so please keep those objections coming.


Following the  meeting  with Rushden Town Council, we can confirm a   positive out come. However, this is just the first step. We still have to get  North Northamptonshire Council  to   reject the proposal by Ilke Homes.

Several people have asked about sending in letters. Thank you so much to everyone that has done it. There are some fantastic ones that have come through.

We now have some more objections that have become apparent from the RTC meeting .

We we have updated our Material Objections page (click here). The list of Material Objections is ever growing so please take a look at our updated list.

For a   detailed material objections, click here.

For help writing your objections, click here.