Revised proposal submission:- Statement issued by Pegasus Group, on behalf of Ilke Homes

Ahead of submitting their revised proposals for   138 pre-fabricated homes   with the most inappropriate access from Prospect Avenue, Pegasus Group have issued correspondence on behalf of Ilke Homes:

Have you received copy of this letter directly from Pegasus Group / Ilke Homes?  Please   let us know at

  • Ilke Homes appear to be pursuing   a most inappropriate,  and dangerous, single point of access from the end of Prospect Avenue.
  • Item 7.2 of the previously published “Stage 1 Road Safety Audit”, issued as part of their previous (April 2021) application, highlights the increase in risk of vehicles colliding with pedestrians at the point of access from Prospect Avenue, due to required re-alignment of access to the existing properties in Prospect Avenue. Existing residents will lose the current 90degree access/egress from their properties, requiring them to manoeuvre their vehicles at odd angles to access their own property. This extended manoeuvre will be exacerbated by any other vehicle larger than a car and therefore increase the risk of collision still further.
    • Have Ilke Homes really resolved all these access issues?
  • New proposal for creating a ‘right turn lane’ from Higham Hill into Prospect Avenue.
    • Will they have to remove trees on Higham Hill to achieve this?
  • Continual disruption from Higham Hill, we anticipate along Tollbar, and The Hedges as Construction traffic, including the   delivery of the  6m wide modules, are delivered to site .
    • What will happen to residents parked vehicles along the route?
    • Has a swept path analysis been  completed for this route?

With the world currently meeting in   Glasgow for COP26 , why is it that  Pegasus/Ilke do not even mention  a potential resolution to the environmental issue of  biodiversity or destruction of trees, flora and wildlife?

  • Has the risk of flooding really been resolved satisfactorily or is there just a minor ‘tweak’?