Ilke Homes have Submitted Revised Details – Please Object by 15 April 2022


Download the objections letter here: Ilke objections april 2022

Ilke Homes have submitted revised and additional information regarding their plans to build 133 modular homes, with the most inappropriate and dangerous access from Prospect Avenue.

Why oh why, will they not see sense and make the access from John Clark Way!!

The planning officer has published the need for a correction of their wording to clarify some points, but even with that they have been deliberately misleading.

It would appear that they want wide load vehicle access to be via The Hedges, with HGV lorries along Prospect Avenue with a need to cut down several street trees.

Llke Homes’ plans propose to use traffic marshals to prevent parking along The Hedges and Prospect Avenue at frequent and regular (non-specified) intervals, to ensure lorry and prefab access over a period of two years.

Good news is –
We are making headway. It looks like we will be keeping the public footpaths, overall density has been reduced, no longer all social housing and over 500 objections from local residents and various consultees, mostly about the inappropriate access to the estate from Prospect Avenue and the impact (on flooding, biodiversity) of such a dense development. John Clark Way has been cited as proper access in most of those objection letters.

Please download the letter for more points of objections.
Pick and choose the specific objections that apply to you and include these in your letter to the council.
Please make sure that the letter and your email subject line includes the planning reference: NE/21/00498/FUL
Please add in your name and address to the letter.
Add an introduction sentence about why this affects you directly (live on street, long term increased traffic, junction risk, loss of privacy, increased noise etc) and add your name at the end.

Then email your letter to By 15th April 2022

If you know someone without internet access, please print the letter for them or even ask them to write a few lines with a couple of points and get them to email or post to the council.

Please ensure that any posted letters arrive by Friday 15 April.

Post or hand deliver you printed/hand written letter to the council address;
Planning Department
North Northamptonshire Council
Thrapston Office
Cedar Drive
NN14 4LZ

We’ve got this.
Thank you


Download the objections letter here: Ilke objections april 2022